The Prometheus Operator provides Kubernetes native deployment and management of Prometheus and related monitoring components. The purpose of this project is to simplify and automate the configuration of a Prometheus based monitoring stack for Kubernetes clusters.

The Prometheus operator includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

  • Kubernetes Custom Resources: Use Kubernetes custom resources to deploy and manage Prometheus, Alertmanager, and related components.
  • Simplified Deployment Configuration: Configure the fundamentals of Prometheus like versions, persistence, retention policies, and replicas from a native Kubernetes resource.
  • Prometheus Target Configuration: Automatically generate monitoring target configurations based on familiar Kubernetes label queries; no need to learn a Prometheus specific configuration language.

Get started with Prometheus-Operator.

API Reference

Reference for different fields of Custom Resources in Prometheus-Operator.

Developer Guide

Learn how to configure scraping, alerting, and recording rules for your applications.

Platform Guide

Set up, configure and manage instances of Prometheus-Operator, Prometheus, Alertmanager and ThanosRuler resources.


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